Saturday, August 03, 2013


Newspaper Chair Competition
July 30, 2013

Over 100 kids and adults gathered in the Community Room to construct a Newspaper Chair out of 1lb. of newspaper and 1 roll of masking tape in 1 hour.  34 chairs were entered into the competition to see which ones could hold the most weight.  The suspense was nerve-wracking!
And, the Winners are:
Innovative Design:  The Vendidaudi Family
Artistic Design:  Daniel
2nd Place for weight:  Annie
Trophy Winner:  Allison Lee (and family) at 112.8 lbs

Cardboard Canoe Race
July 27, 2013
Over 75 teens, kids and adults met at 9am on Saturday morning to construct a boat with one piece of cardboard, one roll of tape and one exacto knife that would be sea-worthy on Plainsboro Pond.

29 boats rowed out and back -- well some sort of sank, but everyone had a great day!
Most Dramatic Sinking:  Qingchuan Xu
Most Aesthetically Pleasing:  Lynna Ye
Most Functional Design:  Calvin Ristad
"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" Award went to Aditi Bapatla
Trophy winner with 2.53 minutes:  Antonio Busha

Egg Dropping Competition
July 16, 2013
   Crowds of people watched as 110 eggs dropped to the ground from the 3rd floor terrace.
Many splatted, but several survived.
Winners with lightest devices:
Category A (Preschool):  Shreeesh Sai Santhosh
Category B (K-3): Sama Ahmed
Category C (4-6 grade):  Annie Ma
Trophy Winner & Category D (7-8):  Sai Vendidandi
Category E (High School):  Can Bostanci
Category F (Beyond HS):  Radmavathi Bapatla
Category G (Team Family):  Vendidandi Family