Tuesday, March 30, 2010


2-25-2010 COLOR RULES! For some time it may have looked like most of the library was off-white! And it was! But now, the colors step forward, as the furniture and fabrics arrive and strip off their wrappings! Then too, the tightly wrapped "blobs" that arrived back on January 7th, are teasing everyone into taking a test-drive sit upon! Here's the latest fashion show: Winning the popularity contest is this neat cocoon in which to hide away and read magical stories on the children's floor..or perhaps a quick game of peek-a-boo?

You can stop off on the second floor--the "QUIET" Floor and relax for a read, gazing out over the rear garden. Of course, it will take some Spring weather to get the trees and flowerss in place. Never the less, this area, situated in the midst of our Browsing Collection, offers wireless, books and tranquility!

Almost anywhere you opt to sit, there will be natural
light enhancing your work. Here's a delightful spot on the first floor, boasting light from outside, and sunny shades of orange inside.

Here is the view, looking north to south on the ground floor, with the circulation desk in the distance, and many convenient study desks in between. Behind the light colored shelving will be the copy center, with the addition of new FAX service.

Wamt a place to study with a little less traffic?
Set up at one of many hideaway spots with
spectacular natural lighting, and all the wireless
and power you need!

Rest up and relax in the Bookmark Cafe, facing the Village Square!

2-23-2010 Neither Snow, nor Rain, nor treacherous footing stops the march of new furniture!

Without a doubt, we have not had many breaks on the weather! When it's worst, we're doing something critical! But, not to worry. The latest round of fantasmagorical furniture is marching in! From pillow seating, to patio furniture, it is exactly as planned, with a rich palette of color and style. Enjoy the photo medley!
Those of you who volunteered the first line of your favorite novel will LOVE seeing them on the glass partitions in the new library. It takes some expertise (which this novice doesn't have) to capture a photograph of the delicate words. Below, HOWEVER, is one success picture! You're looking at the world through a Sindhi quote! Morethan fifty lines decorate the building, representing cultures from around the world! Special thanks to everyone who took the time to invest in this project! We ALL will benefit.

1-20-2010 Pow! Pow! Pow! Here is the first chance to see the amazing palette of fabrics that will be marching through the new Library! Green in the cafe: Red in the staff lounge. And would anyone believe, that these pieces are the original "grey elephants" purchased for the 641 Library in January 1993? Reupholstered once to be the beautiful grape velvet seats in our current magazine section. And now, recovered again. On the ground floor, for the cafe--shades of green, capturing Mother Nature and inviting her inside:

And for the staff, which radiates warmth and fire and enthusiasm every day, a lunch spot that has... RED!

Casual tables are biding their time by the nature garden on the Queenship of Mary side of the first floor. They will be scooting over to the cafe in the near future.
Computer desks are invading the library! On the first floor, they are being prepped for the passage of data and power lines.

On the second floor, where all will be quiet, desks with a view down onto the main floor are lining up, waiting for power. In the small study rooms on the second floor, there is a most ingeniuous invention. Thanks to Cary Spiegel, who is coordinating the construction project for the Township, "white boards" have been replaced with beautiful panels of tempered glass. With dry markers, these work just at well, and saved on costs!

If you were one of the many folks who contributed the first line of your favorite novel, THANKS! AND, here is what will happen to them. They will be turned into vinyl lettering and installed throughout the library on glass partitions--a very attractive way to keep people from walking into/through glass barriers! Here is where Farenheit 451 will line up! Good to pay tribute here to our indefatigable sign friends at Poulin + Morris. It was not easy to manage fonts for the wide variety of languages that we were delighted to have recieved!

1-7-2010 Lots of pictures will tell the story this week. Finishing touches are beginning to turn the hulk into a charming, beautiful being. Here is the History Room, with sunlight streaming in, enhancing the warm red carpet. Shelves and display cabinets for the library's growing history collection and artifacts are already in place.

Chaos reigns on the third floor, where shelving is being installed. It is, however, a most delicious chaos--as the green shelving has a zesty spicy effect, and the blond wood end panels add to the beauty.

Turning to thoughts of food, here are three engaging visions. The completed cafe counter which pulls out for special occasions, and retracts, as it is in this picture, when it serves up everyday coffee and tea. Note also, the intricate weaving in the front panels. Throughout the new library there will be fabrics and panels and furniture that boldly express concepts of weaving--visually presenting the Plainsboro community, where many strands from many corners of the world, weave together to create the vibrant fabric of life.Continuing the theme of eating, here is the staff kitchen, where we will no longer have to depend on boiled water and microwave magic to teach cooking to adults and children alike!

And finally, here is the kitchenette which will serve Community Room meetings and programs.

What? You don't recognize these blobs? There will be a number of water hyacinth Tonecoon chairs and sofas in the new library. Water hyacinth grows in such density that it blocks the air, light and water interface, killing underwater animals and eliminating biological diversity. It has the highest known growth rate of any plant and must be removed from waterways around the world! Herein, a very useful and beautiful" end" for a not very useful obstruction. Look for them on each floor to relax and enjoy a great read!

12-10-2009 Imagine! There are traces of future services to come at 9 Van Doren! Some carpet is down. Some shelving is being installed! Outlets are popping up in just the right places for future "wet" tables and computers! Colors--just as the plan calls for--are presenting striking visions on each floor. Here's a quick visual tour of the latest progress!

PRESENTING THE SCIENCE CENTER! A special room on the third floor. This room will be available for classes of all sorts, but ESPECIALLY our robotics and science story hours. Imagine! The Lego Mindstorms won't have to be stored in the Director's Office any longer! A place of their own.

Thanks to Stewart Fife, and his team of incredibly efficient workers from Library Interiors, shelving is marching along on the first and second floors. This will bring much improved accessibility and display of all media materials! No more crouching tiger sorting of dvd's.

CHESS ANYONE? Off the Children's area on the third floor is a giant chess board, imbedded in the open air deck! It's one way to be king /queen for a day! Hopefully, there will be lots of family learning and enjoyment!

Plans call for a modest cafe on the first floor, overlooking the Village Green. Check out the lively colors, and the shelving marked "cafe"! Although it's in pieces now, it WILL come together to be a fabulous place to rest, read, and chat! You can help us test coffees and teas right now, at the current library! Your vote counts!

STORAGE! STORIES! Can you imagine all good things wrapped in such a beautiful package? This is the program area in the Children's Department on the third floor. Blessed with sunlight, imagination and pragmatism, we expect this room to be in constant, creative use!

11-19-2009 It's clear that the exterior "envelope" is sealing up! No more plywood windows. And real doorknobs! The construction fence is DOWN. That means work inside is beginning to give the library it's final "look". Work outside is providing for roads, parking, and curbs! Exciting times. Since the construction trailer yielded to the paving project at the rear of the library, our latest meeting actually took place in the Director's future office!! Below, l-r: Cary Spiegel, the Township's Construction manager; Keith Pitocchi, architect from BKSK; Daniel Hernandez and Ed Strasz, Project Manager for H & S Construction and Mechanical.

Unless you have worked on a large scale construction project before, it is hard to imagine the detail, dedication and coordination that is necessary! Here are three key "behind the scenes" people, who have spent hours of dedicated service insuring that the library is safe and well designed: L-R, Tony Scelsa, Plainsboro's Building Subcode Official and Al Fiorello, Plainsboro's Electrical Subcode Official; and architect Keith Pitocchi. Just a word about modern meetings. It may look like Keith is falling asleep? Not on your life! He is sending e-messages to get an INSTANT answer to a question that arose on site!
A peek into the Community Room reveals a warehouse of millwork, waiting to be installed in various locations. Here's a long shot, which includes the red underlayer of the second floor Reference desk!

On the second floor is a VERY exciting pile! Of carpet tiles...which are waiting for installation any moment! You might detect a blue tone--that will highlight the Foreign Language/ESL reading area. Other highlight carpet colors will include yellow and green complementing a basic chocolate brown. DEEEEeeelicious.

Imagine a night time trip to the library. You will be mesmerized by the lighted rear staircase--a perfect combination of beauty and function--lighting your way up the stairs to your destination. The night time view should be an an absolute visual delight from inside AND outside the Library. Is it a surprise that the most frequent question about the new library is "How will the parking be?" Here's part of the answer! Located immediately to the west of the Library is the main lot-- currently being paved. There will also be a number of "up close and personal" parking places to make for easy access.

And finally, work has begun on the rear garden area, where a glorious sculpture, donated by Fran and Erich Reichl, will watch over all readers and nature lovers.