Wednesday, July 28, 2010

2010 Newspaper Chair Building Contest

1 lb. newspaper = 94.4 lbs support!

The last of the summer Science and Engineering competitions concluded with a packed room, racing the clock to take one pound of newsprint, one roll of Tartan masking tape, and one hour of time to complete a chair which could support volumes and volumes of the classic Encyclopedia Britannica. Tied in the artistry category: The team of Rhea Khatri, Akshat Lal, Rohit Rao and Reeti Shah; and the team of Aidan, Joe and Regan Naticchia. Tied for creative design were the teams of Tim and Tess Kowalski; and Sai and Almaja Venkata. Special judges Monster Math Award went to Aastha Chokshi, who upholstered her chair with numerous items of mathematical interest which she managed to find in her one pound stack of papers. In the weight bearing competition, Aaron, Zack and Robert placed 3rd, supporting 60.4 pounds. Placing 2nd--Rohan, Asha, and Anjali Agrawal, supporting 71.4 pounds. And taking home the trophy, with a sturday, five legged creation were Annie and her Daddy! Thanks everyone, for another fabulous investigation into science and engineering!