Monday, July 26, 2010

Pringle Packing 2010

Every year Pringle packing puts on display the inventive talents of our Plainsboro Patrons! Distance, size, innovative design, artistry--all come into play! This year's winners and a few of the entries are seen below! Enjoy!

The innovative design winners are Riddhi and Siddhi Shah. Aditya Sivakumar won with the lightest package weighing in at .45. Simran Aljuani triumphed with the smallest package at 8.44 cubic inches, Anthony Vivona's entry won the long distance award with a safe arrival after 822 miles. Judges awarded a tie for artistry to Shreya Jain, whose code breaking tape is shown above; and Asmita Basker, whose poems and rebuses are delighted the audience and judges alike. CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE!