Sunday, April 10, 2011


130 hopeful "inventors" showed up with their egg dropping devices for this year's competition. Eggs were dropped from the 3rd floor terrace of the Library in front of a huge enthusiastic crowd! There were lots of splats, but also plenty of successful drops much to the delight of all present!!

Team Friends: Rahul Kayithi and Adharsh Vanchi took home the grand prize trophy for a successful drop with the lightest device - 0.55 ounces!!

Medals were awarded to the lightest successful entries in each division: Preschool -- Byron Song, Grades K-3 -- Paige Kowalsky, Grades 4-6 -- George Song, Grades 7-8 -- Kevin Gao, High School -- Sarath Jaladi, Beyond High School -- Ting Yao, and Team Family -- Angie Alexander Family. Congratulations to all the BIG WINNERS!!