Thursday, May 26, 2011


 Tuesday, July 5th, 21 finalists selected from 50+ entries competed in the first annual WORDTASTIC story slam! Competitors wove the following words into stories, poems, essays and even a riddle: Candle, small, adobe, persnickety, money, charisma, chicken, fountain, gospel and beautiful. A panel of four judges gave each "performer" ratings from 1 - 10, and......... the winners are:

4TH - 8TH GRADE 1st Prize Trophy went to Jaidev Phadke (age 13), 2nd Place medal to Shambhavi Mishra (age 11) and tied for 3rd Place were Rohit Rao (age 9) and Sneha Jeevan (age 12)!!
9TH GRADE - ADULT 1st Prize Trophy went to Deblina Mukherjee (age 14), 2nd Place medal to Terri Horowitz, and tied for 3rd Place were Kevin Carter and Tasneem Maner (age 16)!!

A terrific time was had by everyone and all the finalists were "BIG WINNERS" who amazed the judges and the audience with their unique entries! What a great way to start the Summer - thanks to all who submitted entries and CONGRATULATIONS to the winners!!